The Beast is Back

The beast is back

The more you see it, the easier you are for it to find

It’s nothing and everything at the same time

But it’s darkness, all darkness

No one has seen it

It’s inside

It attempts to push out your insides

Making room for its infinitely expanding self

Will I survive it?

Will it fill me until I explode?

Will my bones crumble under the pressure?

Will it squeeze my organs until they die?

These questions are it’s fuel

Shut it down

Shut it down

Shut it down

Stomach turning

Back seizing

Throat tightening

Heart pounding

Brain electrified

Desperate to cure this infection

Drugs are temporary

Weapons are no use

Distraction could turn more dangerous than it

My infected brain, the only cure

A battle with me, against me

An opponent who knows all the next steps

It seems impossible

It might be

But does impossible matter when it’s the only option?

Sometimes I want to die. I want to kill the demon inside of me. But that’s not a logical option. I have to face my demons head on. Learn to live with them. Learn how the demon things. Prepare for the demons actions. I am thankful to have the opportunity to continue sharing this idea of a beast that was shared with me by a friend.

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