Chasing Happiness

In the time since I graduated from college in 2015, I’ve come to realize I have a bit of a tendency to force happiness.

I throw money and experiences towards the pursuit of happiness.

I’ve chased a prestigious Management Consulting career in hopes of finding happiness.

But it hasn’t made me happy. And it’s taken all my money.

My time as a management consultant has made me miserable.

Management consulting is a brutal industry.

On the surface, people see luxurious flights arounds the country, expensive steak dinners, corporate box seats and endless C suite interactions.

Fly 180 times in a year like I did in 2018 and you’ll begin to see that the flights aren’t that luxurious. Sure you end up in first class due to upgrades. But it barely makes up for the inconvenience.

The reality of Management Consulting for me has been long days and nights. 16 meeting days followed by hours of emails and excel jockeying in a hotel room. Being hunched over some shitty take out meal because I didn’t have time to go out to dinner and I’m too exhausted to care about my health.

For my next career shift, I’m going to choose happiness.

Not what I think would eventually bring me happiness.

But a career that will make me happy now.

I just want to be happy.


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